Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mushrooms with Sesame Seeds, p 243

total time: 20 minutes
WW pts: 2.5 (2 svgs and modifying for only 1 Tbsp olive oil)
WW pts for original recipe: too many
bonus: super easy and fast, no ingredients

This recipe calls for three tablespoons of olive oil, I cut this back to 1, but if you can devour an entire cheesecake and still wear a size 4, by all means, use 3 Tbsp, but for the rest of us, 1 tablespoon is sufficient.

This is probably the simplest recipe in the entire book, but it is tasty and quick. It's a great side dish for almost anything.

mushrooms in the pan

it may not look like much, but the smell and the sizzling

ten minutes later

These are so good cold. Maybe better cold than hot. I ate them cold on top of sauteed chard.


Vegan Knitting said...

I think I'd use 3 TB simply because I like olive oil and I like oily mushrooms. But they look heavenly just as you've done them.

BTW - My husband and I love the cookbook, so I'll probably be posting here frequently (as long as you do! :) )

Stacey said...

I find that her recipes often call for alot of oil. The recipe for Spinach with Rice calls for 5 Tbsp, but is perfectly delicious with 1-2. I'm a little bit rounder than I'd like to be, so I need to cut it down a little bit.

Yay! I will cook more and post more, so there will be places for your comments.