Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bean Curd with Hot Sauce

Shiu-Min Block's Bean Curd with Hot Sauce
La Jiao Chieng Chow Dofu
Prep Time: 10-15 minutes
Cook Time: 5-8 minutes
WW Pts (as specified): 4
WW Pts (only 1 T of canola oil): 3
Bonus: one pot, super easy, common ingredients
Bummer: for this I need a cookbook?

I made this with the Stewed Daikon and the sauce ingredients were mostly the same, with chili paste with garlic (I used Sri Racha) added to this dish. I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of hotness, but that was easily remedied by adding more Sri Racha as I ate.

This is a basic, solid stir fried tofu recipe and it's great for someone who is new to cooking or new to tofu. I, however, found myself standing there, looking at the cookbook and having my husband ask me repeatedly why I was following the book. I mumbled something about a project and continued to mix the sauce.

The truth is I haven't stir-fried tofu in a long long time and it used to be such a staple when I was a kid, so I'm kind of glad I had to cook this dish. Maybe I'll make some more tofu off-book, now.


This dish performs well in leftovers and tastes yummy when cold. Some people have concerns about eating cold food, but if you don't have qualms and you don't have a place to heat it up, this dish would be good for lunch straight out of the refrigerator.

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michelleknits said...

yeah, i haven't made fried tofu in a dog's age, though i do really like it when the time is right. i really bet you'd like daikon better raw, used as chips with your hummus (now i'm forgetting if i told you this already...shoot)